Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Last Steampunk Gun

This will be the last steampunk gun that is going to be made, I really enjoyed making all the previous ones up, however the cost started to add up quickly.

 This one is the Air Blaster Tek six shot rotating barrel gun, it only has a few flaws in the design, overall it would make a good steampunk gun

I would like to take the time to acknowledge Target and Buzz Bee Toys for there wonderful product line of toys.

There are unlimited possibilities for making steampunk guns from Squirt Guns, Air Blasters, The Nerf Line Products, & ETC.
 Have a good imagination and create the ultimate steampunk gun mod just by painting it and have fun with it.

Making Another Steam Punk Blaster

This could be the last steampunk blaster to be modified.
But then again maybe not...

I would like to acknowledge Party City USA for carrying this one for a one dollar special, it should be a good steampunk mod.

I was looking at a the N-Strike Maverick Nerf gun at Target and thought up a good steampunk mod for it.

Finished The Steampunk Rifle

Finally finished the steampunk rifle with an extra hand sewn leather shell holder, a well done worth while project.


It just took awhile to wire up the lights, sew on a strap, and sew together the shell holder.

A very nice project that came together nicely and ideas were soaring high with this one. All there is left to to is to fill the bottles with some dye, water, glitter, and some powdered pearl essences.
Tesla Gun

^^ Finished Steampunk Tesla rifle^^

The steampunk rife idea originally came from a Nikola Tesla invention of the old fashion prototype Tesla Gun, Tesla Rifle, and or Jacob's Ladder Tesla Rifle made with a new millennium touch. Making the steampunk rifle took me over a year to think and plan out from an creative thought or idea brought into reality.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Finished The Steampunk Gun

Finished one project that took awhile, but worth the effort, time, and patience.

Looking forward to the upcoming Steampunk event in June

A very nice indoor and outdoor project to work on while it was cloudy and dreary for a few days in a row.
And it lights up.
This steampunk gun kinda looks like the princess Leia's gun from Star Wars, just a little fancier and smaller.

 All there is left is to do finish the Steampunk rifle, it started to have some lengthy problems with it and burned out the strobe effect mini computer chip and the push button switch is giving me hassle...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Making A Steam Punk Gun Part 3 Sneak Peek

 Almost completed project that took about three days, all is left is to glue the barrel and to paint it up more..

The other steampunk rifle is going to take a little longer, working on both projects at once is a little time consuming going from one to another...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Making A Steam Punk Gun Part 2

Midway making another steampunk gun, primed with primer paint and some rub and buff on.
Looks good so far...

I also used 1/2 inch copper tube and some extra parts for the barrel.
Another nice project coming along the way...
More to come..

Friday, May 7, 2010

Making A SteamPunk Gun Part One

A good start for another steampunk gun made from a small squirt gun, just need to prime paint and use some rub and buff.

I would like to acknowledge Target for carrying the Water Warriors squirt gun by Buzz Bee Toys
More to come..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Making A Steam Punk Rifle Day Three

Instead of using the fiberglass cloth, I had some speaker cover cloth cut into 2" - 3" strips and soaked it in the fiberglass resin and wrap around the copper tubes and the front part of the stock.

All is left is to use primer paint and get some gold rub and buff, redo the but plate, adding another switch to solder, and glue the electronics in to finish this cool and exciting project.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Making A Steam Punk Rifle Day Two

Today was a good day to find two glass shaped diamonds to glue to the end of the copper pieces with a cut out circle traced from one end piece with a fine tip marker onto a sheet plastic styrene (040" Thick 1.0mm) with a hole in the center of it for the lights. I used the water clear epoxy 330 to glue the glass diamonds to the end.


Had to buy some wire one spool of red and one spool of black to run and thread the wire threw the copper tubing, and used E-600 to glue some Velcro strips to the battery pack and to the side of the shotgun stock.

Before soldering the wires together test the connection to make sure that the lights blink then solder.
I didn't have a chance to mix up the fiberglass resin to wrap around one end of the tube and stock

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Making A Steam Punk Rifle Day One

Supplies two (inch and 1/4 diameter) copper pipes (or PVC pipes), cut both 1 foot 14 and a half inches, pipe cutter or a hacksaw, two copper end pieces, working trigger guard, shotgun stock, JB weld or good epoxy, two crystals or clear glass spheres, fiberglass repair kit, and a rubber band or a plastic stretch wrist band.

Step one: Place band around both copper tubes and place band around the stock.
Step two: Glue or epoxy one tube to the right or left side of the stock be sure that both tubes are exactly even with one another, the epoxy will take a day or so to dry and set up, so have lots of patience.

These were a few things laying around the house and looked fun to make within a reasonable cost.

More to come as it comes along, this my fist project in awhile...
Stay tuned for more....
It can be interesting how a creative thought or idea can become physical reality.